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xoi lac tv- Tường thuật ĐT nữ Việt Nam 0-7 ĐT nữ Hà Lan

Vietnam vs Netherlands: Team Lineups and Match Updates


The lineup for the Vietnam national team against the Netherlands has been announced:

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The lineup for the Vietnam women’s team against the Netherlands has been revealed:

Vietnam Women’s Team: Kim Thanh, Thu Thao, Thu Thuong, Tran Thi Thu, Hoang Thi Loan, Hai Linh, Diem My, Bich Thuy, Duong Thi Van, Thu Thao, Thanh Nhat, Hai Yen.

Netherlands Women’s Team: Van Domselaar, Van Der Gragt, Roord, Spitse, Snoeijs, Van De Donk, Martens, Groenen, Pelova, Anssen, Brugts.


According to reports from journalist Tri Cong in New Zealand, a significant number of Vietnamese fans have arrived at the stadium.


Fans from the Netherlands and Vietnam are present at the stadium with radiant faces.


The Vietnamese women’s team has completed their warm-up.

Forward Huynh Nhu is on the bench for this match, with Hai Yen taking her place in the attack.


The Vietnamese women’s team kicks off the match.


Opportunity! Thanh Nhat’s precise pass allows Bich Thuy to sprint down and control the ball perfectly. Unfortunately, her left-footed shot goes wide.


The Netherlands has the first chance at Kim Thanh’s goal, but the shot lacks power.


Goal! Jensen’s long pass finds Marten, who controls the ball and heads it past Kim Thanh. Netherlands takes a 1-0 lead.


Goal! It’s 2-0 for the Netherlands. Snoeijs unleashes a close-range shot, leaving goalkeeper Kim Thanh helpless as the ball finds the back of the net.


Goal! What a stunning finish from Esmee Brugts, increasing the score to 3-0 for the Netherlands.


Goal! Jill Roord scores after a great assist from defender Jansen on the left side. The Netherlands leads 4-0.


The Vietnamese women’s team makes substitutions, with Chuong Thi Kieu and My Anh coming on for Hoang Thi Loan and Thu Huong.


The Vietnamese women’s team is making a great effort, but they are struggling against a strong Netherlands team. Coach Mai Duc Chung’s players have yet to create a real scoring opportunity.


Goal! Van De Donk scores to make it 5-0 for the Netherlands after a rebound. Kim Thanh made an outstanding save from Jill Roord’s shot earlier.


Halftime. Netherlands leads Vietnam 5-0.


The second half begins. Vietnam substitutes goalkeeper Khong Thi Hang for Kim Thanh.


Netherlands still controls the ball, but they are not attacking as aggressively as in the first half.


Goal! It’s 6-0. Esmee Brugts scores again with a fantastic curling shot.


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Bich Thuy and Hai Yen make way for Tuyet Dung and Huynh Nhu.


Despite their late efforts to score, Coach Mai Duc Chung’s team couldn’t find the back of the net. The match ends with a 7-0 victory for the Netherlands over Vietnam in the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Pre-Match Information: Vietnam vs Netherlands

– After a 1-0 victory over Portugal, the Netherlands women’s team drew 1-1 with defending champions the United States. They have proven to be one of the strongest teams in the world. With 4 points from 2 matches, the Netherlands is level with the United States in the group but lags behind on goal difference. It is likely that they will secure the second spot in Group E and advance to the knockout stage, or even top the group with a good result in this match.

– In this match, the Vietnamese women’s team faces a tough challenge against the Netherlands, who have the strongest lineup, including talented players like Katja Snoeijs and Lieke Martens with their lightning-fast speed. Additionally, the Netherlands’ midfield not only provides excellent defensive support but also knows how to score at any given opportunity, especially Jill Roord, who scored against the United States.

– Former international player Nguyen Tuan Phong commented: “In the second match against Portugal in Group E, the Vietnamese women’s team had the impression that it would be the easiest opponent, so Coach Mai Duc Chung’s team hoped to score and secure a point against them. However, the unexpected victory of another Southeast Asian team, the Philippines, against the hosts New Zealand, affected our approach, which led to conceding two quick goals within the first 20 minutes.”

Projected Lineups for Vietnam vs Netherlands

  • Vietnam Women’s Team: Kim Thanh, Thu Thao, Thu Thuong, Diem My, Tran Thi Thu, Hoang Thi Loan, Bich Thuy, Duong Thi Van, Thai Thi Thao, Thanh Nhat, Huynh Nhu.
  • Netherlands Women’s Team: Van Domselaar, Nouwen, Janssen, Spitse, Van De Donk, Groenen, Jill Roord, Pelova, Martens, Snoeijs, Brugts.